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Arcadie : Hop Along

Guide froggy across the road, dodge the cars and trucks, jump over logs and turtles, avoid falling in the river, and make it to the lily pads on the other side in this modern version of the arcade classic.

Relive the ’80s – simply slot your iPhone or iPod Touch into an arcadie cabinet, and you’ll be in retro gaming heaven! This retro arcade game is designed to be compatible with the Arcadie, the newly released desktop arcade cabinet for iPhone and iPod Touch. Arcadie requires no batteries and no configuration, just plug and play!

Zeon Tech, the makers of the arcadie cabinets approached us to advise on their game development, and produce compatible games for the device. Hop Along is the first in a series of arcadie compatible titles from Frosty Pixel Games, check back soon for more!

Download FREE from the App store.

Visit the arcadie web site