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Pong It

Holding the iPhone or iPod touch like a ping pong paddle, the player tilts and flicks the device to control the on screen action just like they would with a real bat and ball. With three game modes, realistic physics, and lots of optimisation features Pong It will keep the player coming back time and time again to beat their high score.

Pong It is a 3D action game, developed with Unity3D for iOS. The game employs a number of native extensions to allow the user full control via the iPhone’s built in accelerometers and gyroscopes, dynamic in game advertising (with the ability to turn adverts off and unlock the full game with an in-app purchase), and social media sharing.

Mad Agro Apps approached us to develop this unique app from the ground up. A free play “practice” mode has the player attempting to keep the ball bouncing for as long as they can, or try for the highest bounce. Unlockable “time challenge” and “target challenge” modes keep the player interested, and the ability to post their score to Facebook adds a social challenge element.

Pong It is coming soon to the App Store for iPhone 4, iPhone 4S, iPhone 5 and iPod Touch.

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Arcadie : Hop Along

Guide froggy across the road, dodge the cars and trucks, jump over logs and turtles, avoid falling in the river, and make it to the lily pads on the other side in this modern version of the arcade classic.

Relive the ’80s – simply slot your iPhone or iPod Touch into an arcadie cabinet, and you’ll be in retro gaming heaven! This retro arcade game is designed to be compatible with the Arcadie, the newly released desktop arcade cabinet for iPhone and iPod Touch. Arcadie requires no batteries and no configuration, just plug and play!

Zeon Tech, the makers of the arcadie cabinets approached us to advise on their game development, and produce compatible games for the device. Hop Along is the first in a series of arcadie compatible titles from Frosty Pixel Games, check back soon for more!

Download FREE from the App store.

Visit the arcadie web site

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FooGoo : The Puffer Fish

Meet FooGoo, the adorable puffer fish who just wants to get to school, but the ocean can be a dangerous place for a prepubescent puffer fish! From underwater mines to ravenous crabs, fishing boats to mad tentacles you’ll need fast reactions and good judgement to make it there alive.

Keep an eye on your air supply, you won’t be able to puff up if it runs out. Collect the shells, top up your air with bubbles, and collect the powerups to help you on your quest.

FooGoo is the latest original title from Frosty Pixel Games. Due for launch in early August for iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch with an Android version to follow. The game is packed with features including GameCenter support for leaderboards and achievements.

Coming soon to the App store.

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PowerOn is a 60 level puzzle game, where the goal is to turn the power on to every light. Sounds simple doesn’t it, but turning one light on or off also affects the adjacent lights!

Loosely based on the classic “Merlin” electronic game from the 1970s, PowerOn brings the game up to date for iOS. Featuring 60 levels of ever increasing difficulty, animated touch controls, and an assortment of different light arrays to keep things interesting, you can replay levels in an attempt to complete them “under par” to earn a gold star, or push on through to unlock every level.

Full Retina graphics, support for all iPhone, iPad, and iPod Touch devices, with an Android version to follow shortly, PowerOn is available to download for FREE from the Apple App Store.

Interested in having a game similar to PowerOn developed? Why not contact us for a friendly chat about how a mobile game can help to promote your brand, generate a new revenue stream for your business, or drive targetted traffic to your site? Call or email today for a no-obligation quote.

Download PowerOn from the App Store
Play the online demo

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PIV – Patience Is Virtual

They say that “patience is a virtue”, well it certainly is in this unique and challenging maze game for iPhone and Android.  You’ll need patience, and a steady hand to work your way through all 50 mazes while avoiding the obstacles and solving puzzles to unlock each stage.

From keys and switches to blind tunnels, cogs and wheels to ever narrowing corridors, the mazes get harder and harder as you progress through the game and unlock new challenges.

Designed specifically for iPhone and iPod Touch devices, and jam packed with features such as secret and unlockable levels, highscores and social media sharing, PIV is a game that will give you a real challenge and you’ll want to play again and again.

PIV is the second original title from Frosty Pixel Games. The game is available to download FREE from the app store now! Of try out the 20 level online demo.

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Extreme Hunting

Our very first iPhone project as Frosty Pixel games was a commission for 2 simple hunting games for iPhone. The client wanted realistic looking graphics with one game hunting deer with a bow, while the second game was more of an arcade style shooter with a variety of targets.

The deer hunting game features realistic wind conditions, and the player must time their shot accurately and take the conditions into consideration to score a hit.

The second game is a more traditional arcade shooter with a range of different animated target types, but the gameplay rewards accuracy and careful use of ammunition supplies rather than being a straight forward arcade blaster!

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