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About Frosty Pixel Games

Back at the dawn of time (2002) a young man named Billy founded an independent web design company called Kernow Web Designs.  Kernow Web focused on servicing small local businesses with high quality web design and e-commerce services.  Around the same time, Billy began experimenting with Flash and Actionscript, and specifically on building simple browser based games.  These little games slowly developed into a large portfolio which became Kwikgames.com and soon began attracting large amounts of traffic.

As technology moved on, Kernow Web began specialising more and more in games development, taking on bigger projects and bigger clients including well known brands such as Orange, Lucasarts, The BBC and Hasbro.

While Kernow Web continues to concentrate on developing web based games and applications, we decided the time was right to split off in a new direction…

Over the past 18 months more and more clients have asked us to develop iPhone and Android versions of their games.  This is a new and exciting market, and we decided that in order to position ourselves as true experts in the field we should keep the Kernow Web brand separate, and thus Frosty Pixel Games was born!

Frost Pixel is an indie games studio with one simple goal – to design and develop fun and entertaining original games for the mobile market.  We are currently developing a number of titles for release on the iOS platform (iPhone, iPad and iPod Touch devices) and the Android platform (including the HTC Desire and Samsung Galaxy)

Our primary  focus is on developing our own self-published titles and working with our existing Kernow Web client base.  We are however in a position to take on new clients, so do contact us if you have an idea for an interesting game.  We’ll be happy to have a friendly chat with you about your project, and what services Frosty Pixel Games can offer, and offer you a no nonsense no obligation quote.

Selected Portfolio

Our initial iOS and Android titles are due for launch summer 2011, but in the meantime here is a very small sample of some of our previous game development projects through Kernow Web:

Obi-Wan Jedi Attack

Client: Lucasarts

A collaboration with Australian artist Ash Nichols, Jedi Attack is a simple but fast paced action game developed entirely in Actionscript 3.  The player takes control of Obi-Wan Kenobi and his light saber in an effort to fend off the clone hordes!

Bop It XT

Client: Hasbro

This is an online version of Hasbro’s hugely successful Bop It electronic toy.  The toy’s inputs (bop, twist, spin, pull, flick and shake) were replicated with a series of mouse gestures and key presses and the game was used as a promotional tool for the launch of the new Bop It XT version in Australia and New Zealand, before being launched on Hasbro’s US site.

Keep In Touch

Client: Orange

Orange wanted a game which reminded players that they need to “keep in touch” with their friends, or they could lose them (to persuade them to text more!)  The game was developed for the German market and required the player to click and drag their “friends” to an Orange pad which would turn them orange.  After a few seconds they would revert back to grey, and the game would get harder and more frustrating as time passed.  The game was part of a large promotion in Germany and Austria, and the highest scorers won tickets to see U2 in concert.

Sonic Science

Client: The BBC

Sonic Science was an initiative by the British Broadcasting Corporation to produce high quality multi media learning experiences for partially sighted and blind children. We developed a series of games aimed at teaching science, maths, and logic to primary school children using an audio interface. We used simple graphics to give the games a visual front end for teachers and helpers, but the games can be played entirely through sound.

Transformers – Bumblebee Blast

Client: Hasbro

Bumblebee Blast is a simple arcade shooting game featuring the Transformer “Bumblebee” as the main character. We launched the game to coincide with a set of free 3D glasses attached to the official Transformers comic book, so we produced 2 versions of the game – a normal 2D game, and a 3D anaglyph version which gave the full 3D effect when played while wearing the 3D glasses.